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A Los Angeles-based Production Designer and multi-disciplinary artist with a proven track record of crafting immersive experiences that seamlessly blend artistry and exhibition to captivate and engage audiences.


Briana Gonzáles’ work explores the language of communication and the void of vulnerability in today’s society. She creates to empower connectivity through her passion in the process. The romance of ceremony. 


With 10 years in the industry, Briana has consistently pushed creative boundaries with an affection for innovation to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant environments that bring stories to life that stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies in the industry. 


Briana’s expertise lies in her imaginative and resourceful approach, conceptualizing and executing designs that transform spaces into dynamic narratives. Through meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of storytelling, and fostering collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, she has successfully delivered unforgettable experiences that blend between fine art and entertainment, bridging the gap between artistic intention and audience response. 


With a strong portfolio of notable projects, she continues to draw an ever-growing and ever-changing awareness of the current climate to deeper understand her mediums, exploring a network of worlds and environments within our domain.


“Let's collaborate to push boundaries, engage audiences, and create transformative artistic encounters that leave a lasting impression, that lingers on your mind and your tongue.”



Nike, Jordan Brand, Ebay, Google, Spotify, Nikon, Target, Chase, PayPal, Adidas, Matel, Barbie, Beats By Dre, Microsoft Office, Bose, Ruby, Omnilux, Torrid, HCA Healthcare, Disneyland, Pure Leaf, Facebook, Canijilla, Dermstore, Amazon, Espolon, CLMBR, Postmates, Erewhon, YouTube, Victoria Secret Pink, Loreal, JLO Beauty, Logitech, Menulog, MLS, Fendi, Moet Chandon, DEZI, Foot Locker


Offset feat. Moneybagg Yo & Bella Hadid “Code,” Paris Texas ft. Vince Staples “on Mars,” Selena Gomez “Rare,” Dermot Kennedy “Innocence and Sadnesss,” Jackson Wang “Come Alive,” Chris Brown feat. Jack Harlow “Psychic,” Earl Sweatshirt “Nowhere, Nobody,” Grace Gaustad “Pillbx,” Sean Paul “How We Do It,” Jackson Wang “Cruel,” Wiz Kid feat. Winnie Harlow “Tue Love,” Nessa Barrett “I Hope Your Miserable,” NAV “Friends & Family,” Mariana “Mans World,” Chloe x Halle “Busy Boy,” Nick Hakim “Bouncing,” Nick Hakim “Qadir,” Chloe & Halle “Do It,” Kadhja Bonet “Delphine,” Afrojack “Switch,” Vlossom “Catch Your Breath,” Porter Robinson “Virtual Self,” Wild Belle “Throw Down Your Guns,” Nick Hakim “Cuffed,” Niki Zefanya “Low Key,”  Iza Ciara Major Lazer “Evapora,” Fergie “Love is Pain,” DVSN ‘Too Deep”


Philippa Price, NIna McNeely, C Prinz, Rich Lee, NABIL, Terence Nance, Danielle Levitt, Rodney Lucas, Cara Stricker, Rohan Blair-Magnat, Estevan Oriol, BRTHR, Dean Bradshaw, Naima Ramos-Chapman, Bethany Mollenkof, Babak Khoshnoud, Hannah Lux Davis, Jason Koffeman, Sammy Rawal, Anthony Jamari Thomas, Malia James, Charlotte Rutherford, Sam Sulam, Christopher Guerrero, Danny Yirgou, Claire Arnold, DAPS, Van Alpert, Casey Acaster, Ashley Armitage, Jonatán López, Elliot Sellers, Dana Boulos, Nabil, Michael Parenteau, Cara Scott, Mauricio Sierra, Niharika Desai, Kanya Iwana, Ariel Fisher, Diane Russo, Alexandra Thurmond, Cam Busby, AG Rojas, Lawrence Lamont, William Nixon, Derek Milton, Alexandra Gavillet, Nelson Nance, Ryan Simpson, Jazmin Garcia, Willo Perron, Nicolas Randall, Carlos Nunez, Sam Sneed, Felipe Sassi


Rashad Floyd,  Philippa Price, Estevan Oriol, Charlotte Rutherford, Gavin Bond, Anna Koblish, Sam Kweskin, Alexander Gay, Jade Mainade, Daniel Regan, Micaiah Carter, Julian Dakdouk,  Justin Kaneps, Kanya Iwana, Ariel Fisher, Alexandra Gavillet, Luke Gilford, Caroline Tompkins, Elliot Lee Hazel, Ghost


Street You Grew Up On

Marie Claire Women of the Year Awards

NPR Tiny Desk w/ Chloe & Halle 

GAAD Awards w/ Chloe & Halle 

1Xtra Performance w/ Chloe & Halle

BET Awards w/Chloe & Halle 

Centerpiece w/ Maurice Harris

Netflix Brown Love Special

Conscious Minds

Yella Inc.

Parkwood Ent. 

Parkwood Ent. 

Parkwood Ent. 

Parkwood Ent. 

All Day Everday


Dir. Autumn Hymes

Dir. Roisin

Dir. NPR

Dir. Derek Milton

Dir. Derek Milton

Dir. Derek Milton

Dir. Rohan Blair-Magnat

Dir. Jazmin Garcia


Reebok, Vans, Nike, ABC, Disney, Marie Claire, V Magazine, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Numero, Outdoor Voices, Joggy, Flaunt, Playboy, GeeJam Resort, Solange Album Cover Art, Barbie, Matel, Jordan, Flaunt Magazine, Victoria Secrets Pink


Estevan Oriol Spanto Altar

Byredo “De Los Santos” Altar

Tostitos “Calle De Crunch” Installation

Acorn Yoko Ono Tribute

Motorola RAZR Installation

Visitations Installation

Lo Salvaje Site-Specific Installation

Sigur Ros Sound Bath

The Grey Domain

Mars Cube Installation

MUZEO Cultural Musuem x Thinkspace

Perfume Release at The Revery

LA Live Superbowl Event

Walt Disney Concert x Girlschool 


The Romance of El Rancho 

Lo Salvaje Mexico City

Neuhouse LA

Coaxial Residency 

Mars Festival


Stella McCartney Eclipse 

Hot Cofee

Hip Hop Nutcracker

The Power of Kindness feat. Lady Gaga

YouTube Artist on the Rise: Mustafa 

Adidas Sound Labs

Vogue Alexa Demi Special

Spotify Rise Up: James Blake

Lindsay Thornberg “Keep Your Demons Warm”


A Little Guy to Exploit

Disney +

Kindness Punks 

Yours Truly

Yours Truly

Conde Nast

Yours Truly


Dir. Philippa Price 

Dir. Jason Koffeman

Dir.Done + Dusted

Dir.Niharika Deesai 

Dir.Alexandra Thurmond

Dir.Babak Khoshnoud

Dir. Scott Perry 

Dir.Babak Khoshnoud

Dir. Nina McNeely/Robert Fox



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