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USC's Fisher Museum of Art presented Lita Albuquerque's exhibition, 20/20: Accelerando, from January 24th to April 10th, 2016. A live performance with singers and performers activated the exhibition as part of its opening. In 20/20: Accelerando, Albuquerque merges film, sound, and performance to tell the story of a 25th-century female astronaut who lands on Earth in the year 6,000  BC with a mission to seed interstellar consciousness on the planet. Upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, she forgets her mission: “Where was I? And why was I awakening at this moment, on this planet?” Her traumatic forgetting, followed by remembrance, dramatizes both who we are and whom we may become. A complex gesture of adaptation, 20/20: Accelerandoemerged from GenIus Remembered, a narrative text Albuquerque began writing in 2003 and continues to develop. Dynamically activating and transforming the museum, Albuquerque fractures her own narrative into impressionistic passages. Arrayed throughout the galleries, her imagery carries the viewer out of the everyday and into a space of wonderment, triggering memory and mystery. Working in close collaboration with the artists Double Diamond Sunbody (who also composed the score for the film) and Marc Breslin, the installations trace complex metaphors of space, loss, and community – pillars that have long anchored Albuquerque’s practice.

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